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Programs / Activities: How to get involved at Twenty Valley!

Please Note: Based on student interest, additional clubs and activities are added throughout the school year. All sign up sheets and try out times are announced daily when activities, clubs or sports are starting up.

At this time, many clubs and activities are on pause as per NRPH.

Activities and Clubs

(Run throughout the year)


Up and running:

Student Leadership Team

(includes Eco crew, Announcement crew, theme days)


Still on pause:

Cooking club

Recycling club

Volunteers for Artfest

Dance club

Ukulele club

Jewellery club

Lego club

RC club

Chess club

Lego Robotics (jr and int)

Tech challenge (int)

Math Champs (jr)

Battle of the Books

Forest of Reading or Silver Birch

Math Olympiad (int)

Pizza Crew (int)

Milk Crew (int)

Library Crew

Bus monitors

Lunch monitors

Up and running:

Junior and Intermediate Run Club (Fall)

Intermediate soccer (Fall)


Still on pause:

Junior soccer (Fall)

Junior Volleyball (Fall)

Intermediate Volleyball (Fall)

Junior Basketball (Winter)

Intermediate Basketball (Winter)

Ball Hockey (Winter/Spring)

Track and Field (Spring)

Gymnastics (Spring)

Three Pitch (Spring)

Badminton (Spring)

Intermediate Rugby (Spring)

Int. Golf Tournament (Spring)

Intramural Sports -primary only

A huge thank-you to our amazing staff, who go above and beyond to offer all these great sports, clubs and activities for our Twenty Valley students. Go TITANS!


We occasionally run programs with our community partners:




YOGA with Tania Mercuri